What to Look for in Childcare Staff

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The thought of leaving your children in the care of another person, especially one you don’t know, can be stressful and overwhelming.  You want to make sure that the people caring for your child everyday have the compassion and qualifications necessary to care for your child.  With the media reporting so much negativity, it can be scary when you begin the search for a childcare facility for your children while you work.  The good news is that there are things parents can keep their eyes open for that will help ensure their children are safe while they are at work.  Here are some of the qualities to look for in childcare staff.



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Let’s face it, virtually everyone has social media.  Most individuals do not set privacy settings on their social media.  If it is posted online, it’s public information.  You can tell a lot about a person’s character and values by the things that they post online.  For this reason, you can simply google the childcare staff and see what you can find.  You can also ask individuals that you know with children in the same facility. 

Ask them about the staff and see what they think.  Ask about how their children feel about the staff working with them if their children are old enough to give opinions.  You can also typically find reviews and comments online, and many will list the teacher of the child and things the parents liked or disliked about the teacher.  Online ratings are also typically indicative of the staff, as this is typically the main interaction parents have with a childcare facility.  



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Another thing that you want to look for in childcare staff is the training and qualifications of the staff.  You can ask about the requirements the facility have in place for their staff.  Find out what type of training the staff is required to go through before being placed with the children.  Ask about what type of training the teachers have regarding stress management.  Taking care of one two-year-old is stressful for most adults.  Imagine taking care of a classroom of them.  Anyone is bound to get frustrated and anxious.  This is normal.  You want to understand how the staff is trained to deal with these situations and if they have the support they need to protect the children in the classroom.  You also want to know about any type of educational and/or certification requirements that are put in place for the staff and what type of background checks are being run on the staff.  Find out as much information about your child’s teacher as possible.  




Another way that you can gain information about the staff at the daycare is to conduct personal interviews.  It is recommended to do this in person.  More times than not, in person interviews are going to provide more information.  They give you the opportunity to interview verbally and non-verbally.  Individuals normally say more by their non-verbal forms of communication than with words.  You want to get a feel for the person’s personality. 

As you interview them, look for signs of their personality.  To get the feeling that this individual is nurturing?  Are they warm? Are they opening?  Is this someone your child is going to feel comfortable with?  Is your child going to be able to tell them if something is wrong?  Do you get the feeling that they care about their work?   Ask questions about their qualifications and why they chose childcare as a profession.  

When you ask this question, if they say they simply needed a job, you may want to consider if they just took the first job available.  When it comes to interviewing staff, you want to make sure that you at least interview the daycare director and speak with the teacher that will be with your child.  This will provide your insight of the individuals that will be around your children the most.  If you are comfortable with them, chances are your children will be as well.  














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