Strengthening Partnerships Between Parents And Child Care Providers


Today, the reality of many families in a day-to-day setting is different compared to the past years. They tend to have less time in each other’s company and experience time management issues about balancing their jobs as well as the demands of the families. Even though this is the present reality, it is still vital for the parents to be involved in their children’s education. 

Many positive things can happen to their children if families are directly involved in the child’s education such as achieving higher test scores and grades, better to perfect attendance at school, and demonstrate more positive behavior to daycare teachers and fellow children. Research shows that families tend to be involved in the education of their children if they receive frequent positive messages from the child care providers. If parents and child care providers help each other in creating a good working relationship, it will aid the child in achieving academic success. Also, it is one way to foster children’s learning. Following are some useful advice on how to make positive parent-teacher relationships.

Parents and families, as their first teachers, can: 

  • Read Together. Reading a book to their children can improve the achievement of a child. Let your child choose a book based on his/her interests and habits to enhance his cooperation while reading.
  • Establish A Family Routine. Daily routines such as going to bed at a scheduled time, completing homework and eating meals together will make life predictable for children and be satisfying to all the members of the family. 
  • Use Television Wisely. Choosing TV programs carefully can help increase the interest of the child in learning new things.
  • Have A Constant Communication With The Daycare Center. It can be done through attending conferences of parents and teachers or by simply calling the provider and discussing the child’s progress.
  • Offer Praise And Encouragement. Enhancing their self-confidence and broadening their interests can be done through encouraging them to finish their homework and giving them a simple award if they have done something good.

To involve parents in daycare, educators can:



  • Give A Role To Parents In Classroom Activities. Parents can be included in the classroom through giving them the chance to prepare classroom materials and share information about their hobbies and careers. It will be more likely for the parents to understand the goals and practices of a teacher if they have an involvement in daycare activities.
  • Give Parents A Voice In Decisions. It must be taken into consideration the parents’ viewpoints in making decisions about their children’s program. 
  • Plan Ahead For Parent/Teacher Conferences. Services and policies of daycare should be communicated to parents at the beginning. A list of classroom goals and examples of topics that the children will learn in the daycare should also be given to parents.
  • Foster Good Communication During Parent/Teacher Conferences. Create a comfortable environment so that parents can freely ask questions, make recommendations and share information. Do not make assumptions regarding the level of knowledge, understanding or interest of a family member. 

The first environments in which young children grow and develop are the school and family thus daycare centers must value the involvement of parents. Open and frequent communication, respect for each other, and a vivid understanding of what is best for the children are the very foundation of good parent-teacher relationships.


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