Overcoming First-Day-Of-School Jitters For Parents

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A lot of parents say after a couple of years of raising their kids that they can’t wait for the latter to start going to a real school. After all, having a school-aged child entails that peace and order will return at home, even for just a few hours. You can do every house chore without needing to monitor your kid as well. Furthermore, it will be effortless to focus on your work because there is no one to ask you to feed them or play with them every 30 minutes or so.

The thing is, parents mostly say such things when the kids make them want to pull their hair out. Once it is genuinely time for them to enter elementary school, the adults tend to be more jittery than the little ones. While the children are sound asleep in their bed, for instance, the mom and dad are wide awake at night, wondering how they will fare among big kids. Though parents can see the excitement in their babies’ movements, they can’t help but worry if the latter will be able to make friends on their first day.  I know – I have been there and gone through similar thoughts myself.

Now, allow me to share what you can do to overcome your first-day-of-school jitters as a parent.

Believe In Your Child

The initial thing that you should do is to have faith in your kid. Believe that he or she can do well on his or her first day at school. Believe that he or she will know how to communicate with other pupils instead of sitting in the corner of the room. Moreover, believe that your child can act like a big boy or girl who no longer needs a mommy or daddy by their aside all the time.

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You cannot lose faith in your offspring and show your anxiousness to them because they might get infected by your jittery behavior. Rather than having fun as soon as they step into the campus, they might beg you to take them home. Then, it will become challenging to make them like school.

Scope The Classroom Yourself

As a parent who’s firstborn goes to school for the first time, it is understandable if you want to accompany the child to their classroom. Some teachers know how worried you might feel; that’s why they may let you into scope the place. You can use that opportunity to reassure yourself that your baby is in a safe environment.

Don’t Be Afraid To Check In With The Teachers

It is not wrong to either text or call your kid’s homeroom teacher during the break to figure out how they are doing on their first day. Teachers are students’ second parents at school, after all. They should know more than anyone if your child can communicate well with their classmates or has a hard time adjusting to the new place.

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Final Thoughts

Doing the tips mentioned above cannot guarantee that your first-day-of-school jitters will go away completely. I can tell you that you may deal with the same worries when your other kids start school for the first time, too. However, it helps to know what you should do when you feel more anxious than the new student.

Good luck!

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