How To Increase Toddlers’ Attention Span

As a parent, having a toddler at home is a very challenging task especially in keeping his attention. You are expecting him to listen to you while you are talking or teaching something. Typically, in a matter of seconds, he will look around his surrounding to find something that can satisfy his eyes. It is unusual for them to pay attention for an extended period. Some toddlers need some help for them to concentrate according to their age. The following are some tips that will help you increase your toddler’s attention span.

Thinking Games


This type of game might be annoying to your child especially at the first time you will introduce it to him/her. Games such as jigsaw puzzles can help them strengthen their ability to concentrate and focus. Furthermore, it will enhance their critical thinking ability that they will later use in times of simple decision making. Card games are also helpful in improving their attention to numbers and pictures. Other games that require the use of memory, planning, and thinking are beneficial to toddler’s cognitive development.

Minimize Exposure To Gadgets

Parents tend to use a gadget to soothe their children when crying or having temper tantrums. It may deviate their attention from crying, but it will condition themselves that every time they like to use a gadget, they will merely do such behaviors. While teaching your child, cell phones, iPads, and televisions must not be present inside the room to avoid distractions. As much as possible, make gadgets out of reach to children. 

Sleep Well And Take A Break


Children having a good night’s sleep can concentrate more compared to those whose sleep is disturbed. Also, having a short afternoon nap boosts children concentration levels. It is best to schedule your child’s sleeping time in order not to promote sleepiness during your activities with him/her.

Choose The Best Method Of Learning

Every child has different ways of learning things. Some learn better when information is spoken to them (auditory). Other enjoy learning through colorful pictures (visual). Kinesthetic toddlers learn best if you let them touch and feel the object that you are teaching him/her. From these examples, you may formulate your activities according to what may interest them.

Rewards And Praises


Another way to help your child is rewarding them after completing the task given to them. A simple candy or toy can condition their minds that if they follow your request, they will have something in return. But remember that not all tasks must have a reward. Simple praise such as “good kid!” or “you’re great” can also be used to boost their confidence and their ability to follow commands.

As parents, we must first realize that attention spans of children depend on their age. You cannot expect a 3-year old child to have the same level of concentration to a 5-year old child. These tips are just ways in helping a toddler’s focus suitable to his age. Lastly, let us remember that not all toddlers have the same mental capacity. Some can learn faster than others. It is the task of the parents and teachers in helping them learn things according to their capabilities.

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