How To Help Your Toddler Develop Relationships


The daycare center is where your toddler has its first interaction with people outside his/her family. Helping your child build relationships with you, his/her daycare teachers and fellow toddlers is a vital role of a parent. Through this, toddlers enhance their capability relating and understanding other people and help them discover their selves. A toddler who established a useful skill in relating to other people tends to become optimistic about everything that they do and enjoys the company of others. They can show empathy and sympathy and can be responsive to the needs of the people around them. Below are some tips how to nurture relationship-building skills of toddlers.

Respect Toddler’s Feelings

Accepting your child’s feelings creates higher chances that he/she will always share sentiments and personal feelings to you as he/she grows. It is essential for them to express their own identity so that later in their lives, they will have the full confidence of trusting themselves in every decision they made. Parents should minimize making fun of child’s feelings, but their role as child educators must not be compromised. Child’s anger can be converted into something that is acceptable such as tossing a pillow on the floor, running in the yard or drawing an angry picture. It is also important to let your child know your feelings and to make him/her see how to cope up with it.

Let Your Toddler Play WithOther Kids


Experience is the best way to help your child build relationships with other people. In the daycare center, they need to experience to share food with other children, respect each other turns, enjoy the company of friends and resolve conflicts. These also open the opportunity for you to connect with other parents as your children are playing with each other. Parents must be present every time the child is with his/her age group because sometimes they need help in learning and practicing their friendship skills. 

Explore Feelings Through Games


Using puppets to show child’s emotions such as anger and fear that is often manifested during separation from his/her parents, sharing a toy to a playmate, or adjusting to a new member in a family. This will be a reasonable basis for them to relate their feelings and emotions on how they will handle it. Listen to your child’s words during play because it can be a means of assessing their inner thoughts and feelings. Play with your child and act everyday situations for you to explain well the reasons behind every event that happened or might happen to them. 

Show Interest

Parents’ attention is mostly what he/she wants from us. To deliver it to them, we must show a sincere desire for everything that they are doing such as in playing or during their snacks. Giving complementary words is one way of showing interest. Another way to show interest is merely accompanying them going to the daycare center and checking them time to time. 

Toddlers who develop good relationship skills most likely have successful relationships in the future. They can quickly make friends and build a lasting romantic relationship. As parents, let us not take this for granted. 


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