Getting To Know ClassDojo For Parents


Sending kids to school for the first time can be a bittersweet experience for parents. It will be great to know that you can have more vacant hours to yourself again. You may perhaps go out on your own without having to look for a babysitter first. More importantly, your house can be filled with silence, even if it’s only for half a day.

Nevertheless, it is understandable if you worry about how your children will function in a new place without you. From the moment they were born up to this day, they mostly depended on you as their parent. Now, they have to rely on teachers and themselves to get through their classes.

If you have similar concerns, though, you should know about apps like ClassDojo that many parents have been using for years now.

What Is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a startup company that offers an application where students and educators can commune and expand their knowledge base. It used to be free for everyone, but they have created premium features after the app’s widespread success.

Based on research, ClassDojo has already reached millions of educational institutions in the United States. Apparently, approximately 66% of primary school pupils deal with anxiety, which can go away when they know that their parents can see them.

How Did The App Rise To Fame?


The primary thing that jumpstarted the startup’s prominence is the fact that the students who also utilize the service are allowed to receive prizes from their tutors each time they do a great job. Although this reward system is not too different from how they get stickers from teachers at the end of classes, a few organizations have initially opposed the notion. Instead of being negatively affected by the criticisms, however, the partners behind the company decided to work harder to provide a newer and more efficient way of communication between all parties involved.

According to Diane Rhodes, an educator in Tiburon, California’s Bel Aire School who has been accessing the app for years since its conception, ClassDojo made communication effortless. It did not only work with the children but also with the parents who naturally wished to check up on their kids often. Through this new application, Rhodes was able to capture photos of the students as they perform various tasks at school, and then post them real-time for the concerned mothers and fathers to see.

How Does The Application Look Like?

If speaking of the design of ClassDojo, it is easy to deduce that it looks like the Facebook platform but with a darker purple color. Apart from the teachers being permitted to publish images in public, the parents are also capable of liking them and posting comments on every photo. The company even increased its services by developing Snapchat’s Students Stories that lets the children post pictures on their own as well.

Nevertheless, the goals that ClassDojo wish to fulfill are comparable to that of Slack, for the reason that the teachers can avail the application without having to ask the system first.


About ClassDojo

Founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo is an online space that assists educators in making learning more attractive to the students by creating a digital classroom wherein they can share everything.

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