Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we can’t have a repeat of the 2019 School Fest. However, choir-related events and other activities can help your kids stay sane while indoors. Here are some things you can have your children do that will keep them entertained and is a learning experience.

Musical Entertainment With Laurie Berkner


Let your kids warm up those vocal cords in a creative way. Musician Laurie Berkner is bringing you “Live Berkner Breaks.” Your children can join her on Facebook Live as she sings songs, plays music, and reads books to them. She also teaches them about proper handwashing and the importance of social distancing.

For older kids, you can challenge them to learn how to play an instrument. Chords and lyric sheets to some of her songs are available for download. Check out her Facebook page for the live videos.

Cooking With America’s Test Kitchen


Is your son or daughter the next Gordon Ramsay? Introduce them to the kitchen with the help of America’s Test Kitchen. The cooking show now produces online content aimed at kids. They’ll teach kitchen basics such as onion chopping and easy-to-follow recipes.

If you need something to keep your kids busy as you cook, there’s also a guide for simple salt art projects that they can try out. Thankfully, most of their content on the website is available for free.

Keeping Up With Legends of Learning

If you’re worried about your kids keeping up with learning, “Legends of Learning” provides science and math classroom games. While these subjects may not be your child’s favorite, the activities present the topics in a fun way.

Short video games will get them to practice and apply what they have learned in the classroom. They won’t even notice that they’re learning. The activities are best suited for kids in the third- to eighth-grade levels.


Being stuck at home at least means you get to spend more time with your kids. But when you need a break, there are many fun activities that they can enjoy.

Children will look forward to their musical breaks with Laurie Berkner. Have them spend the day learning in the kitchen with Cooking with America. They may also develop an interest in science and math through fun games with Legends of Learning.

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